Traversing Tibet

Snowcapped mountain ranges, steep ravines, and open grassland dotted with yaks. This is the wild land previously owned by Tibet. However, China has since annexed this land, bringing with it the traditional Tibetanese culture. Several Tibetan generations continue to live on this land and celebrate their vibrant culture. The town at the center of this culture is “Litang,” located at one of the highest populated elevations in the world. This small village is home to the annual Tibetan Horse Festival, a presentation of ornament and grandeur. This was the first time the festival had been held in eight years due to location conflicts. As the morning light rose, we witnessed the Tibetan people riding their horses in holiday attire with crowds gathering for this grand occasion.

It was the ornate and colorful Tibetan culture surrounding me that gave me the inspiration to paint a series of fourteen paintings, recording once more a culture in danger of disappearing due to globalization.