Capture cultures, travels, and special memories with a commissioned painting by Jo Sherwood. Experience being taken back to a moment or a vacation that will be captured forever with a painting. 

Similar to portraits, Jo Sherwood works from photographs to bring these moments to life. It is understood that you will not alter or reproduce my work after delivery to you.

The fee for the commission will be payable in two installments. A non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the total fee is due at the initial meeting. The remaining 2/3 upon satisfactory completion of the artwork.

Any possible additional fees, for framing, shipping, and insurance if requested.

Jo Sherwood retains the copyright of the image. This means she has the right for promotional purposes, including but not limited to brochures and other printed material, publications including books and articles about my work and websites/videos showing my work.

Commissions Procedure:

Once a client has made the decision to commission a painting, the agreement will specify the size, price and completion date. 

Final payment is due after the approval and completion of the commission. Time from the photographic selection to the delivering of the painting is approximately 3-6 months. The Artist will assist in frame selection if required.