Holland Culture In Friesland

Friesland is Holland’s northern most province. It abounds in lush green farms, boat-filled waterways, and scenic lakes. Many of the lakes are below sea level, therefore dikes, waterways, and windmills keep the water level manageable. Friesland is known for its agriculture, dairy farms, fishing, and shipbuilding. Presently water sports, mainly sailing, and tourism nourish the economy.

​Most of the scenes are captured in and around Terherne, which means “on the corner” and dates back to the 1100s. Terherne has become internationally acclaimed as a water sports village, with a classical ship harbor, various marinas, and many fishing areas. Since Holland is my home country, I thoroughly enjoyed en plein air painting amid the picturesque pastoral landscapes. I hope you enjoy viewing this collection as much as I enjoyed capturing these idyllic, classic country scenes.